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Morning Hype! The Black Angels!

Nothing beats waking up to find out a band that will definitely be making your best of 2013 list(coming soon!!)is returning to town, especially after you dropped the ball BIG TIME by not going to see them their first go-around. Add to that news that they are bringing a one of a kind legend in the form of Roky Erickson with them and well, Monday morning gets a whole lot more tolerable. Strangely, Songkick has them playing in Antwerp, Belgium on Feb 20th and Nashville, Tenn. on Feb 21st, so it's probably safe to say full tour dates haven't been worked out yet. That's a tough commute indeed. They are in Philly on Feb 16th though, and that rules. Peep the newest Black Angels video below along with a classic track from Roky's Thirteenth Floor Elevators [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB426pTUk5U&w=640&h=360]


New Tunes: Natural Child - Saturday Night Blues

Song Of The Day: Wild Child - Crazy Bird