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Morning Hype! Dark Seas - Toner EP!

SLC's Dark Seas are back after a very tumultuous year that first saw them release the fantastic Hawkes Court and tragically continued with a good friend and band member being lost when their van crashed while on tour earlier this summer, resulting in a cancelled tour and what I can only imagine to be some serious reflection about what lie ahead for the band. You can hear those reflections on their new EP, aptly named Toner(after their fallen comrade Colton Ericksen), which was released today along with their darkened brand of garage rock that sets itself apart with an almost eerie ambience, one that hearkens not only the darkness but that first rounded glow come another early morning sunrise. That glow that forces the decision of which way to go next and demands not looking back. Dark Seas have made the decision to go forward with that morning light and in the process have, thankfully,  made all of us beneficiaries of their most stellar decision making capabilities. Tip o' the hat, Gentlemen! Unfortunately, embedding songs from Reverb Nation seems damn near impossible so click this link to hear two new tracks from the EP, Demon Child and Through The Years:

Also, here's track from their previous release, Hawkes Court, that came out in April...


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