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Vintage Bricks: Slo Burn - Amusing The Amazing

Now that I have to keep music on constantly in my house to drown out the constant yelping of the little dog next door who just had a leg amputated, I've been clicking from link to link on YouTube when I don't feel like waiting for an hour for Spotify to load and I'm not in the other room to flip vinyl. Turns out there's an absolute tonne of full albums on YouTube, including this gem of an EP from Slo Burn, the second act of legendary stoner rock vocalist John Garcia and the first to follow the mighty Kyuss. Slo Burn had a quick run, releasing only a handful of demos and this EP before calling it quits and Garcia would later go on to form Unida, Hermano and most recently Vista Chino, which reunites Garcia with Kyuss alumni Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri. But it's hard not wonder what could've been with Slo Burn as this EP showcases some seriously intensified songwriting ability, the likes of which Garcia hasn't reached since the similarly short-lived Unida. I guess that's the beauty of music though; the idea of of what was, what is and what should never be.....hmmmmm....sounds familiar. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cs2W3T2mzk&w=640&h=390]

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