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Afternoon Hype! High On Fire! Kvelertak!

Today's Hype! is brought you by Advil and a greasy spoon breakfast, heavy on the grease. Last night I attended the High On Fire/Kvelertak/Doomriders show at Underground Arts here in Philly and let me tell you, did I ever feel stupid for not putting more time into becoming a fan of High On Fire earlier. Holy shit, they ruled. I have no real explanation for my reluctance to get on board the High On Fire train, I've always been a fan of frontman Matt Pike's legendary doom outfit Sleep and I've certainly been known to get the fuck down at a good metal show so I really don't have an excuse. I guess they'll just have to accept my apology and continue to take my money any time they come into a 100 mile radius of me again. I repeat, they ruled. It should also be noted that the lead singer of Kvelertak came onto stage with his head up the ass of an owl. And killed it.


I thought this was the best HOF song of the night:



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