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Song of the Day: Monster Magnet - The Duke (of Supernature)

It rules when one of your favorite bands from your youth comes roaring back with a vengeance after a run of rather forgettable albums. Monster Magnet's latest release "Last Patrol" is on steady repeat these days and if you like riff heavy psychedelia you're gonna want to join me in the pleasures of repetition. This is the catch-your-breath track from Last Patrol. They're also touring North America in full for the first time since God knows when and there's a link to the dates below.  



ZodiacLung.com will inform you......And holy shit would you look at that!! It's main man Dave Wyndorf's birthday today too! Happy Birthday Dave! Here's a classic in honour of the Space Lord himself...


Song of the Day: Obliterations - Wage Slaves(NSFW)

Morning Hype! Metalleg!