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Vintage Bricks: C.C.R. - Pagan Baby

With all this moving to a new home in South Philly and getting ready to finally return to the homeland for a visit my computer/new music searching time has been pushed to the back burner. But the beautiful thing about music is it's ability to knock your socks off even when you're least expecting it. Case in point: While packing up our old apartment I threw on the classic Credence compilation Chronicles Vol.1 for background music, thinking it would add a little hop to my step. Well, it came and went without much thought and Chronicles Vol.2 started playing, an album I am familiar with but one that certainly doesn't demand regular rotation. That is until Pagan Baby started playing and pretty much stopped me dead in my tracks. Not really the desired effect I was looking for by playing CCR in the first place but I couldn't believe what a ripping track it was. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some CCR but this song really got me to thinking not only how cool they were to be able to record tracks this good with little fanfare but how cool music as a whole can be. Never thought I'd be finding new CCR songs that would blow my mind. It's nice to find the little reminders in places you least expect. Turn it up.  


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