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Three Years Ago Today.....

About thirteen years ago a girl I was kinda interested in made me come out to the university she was attending to see a movie she wanted to check out. I begrudgingly agreed, thinking it would be some documentary about the miracles of modern science and how genetic cell blah blah blah. I envisioned  a question and answer session after, with everyone pointing and laughing at the guy who didn't even go to that school, let alone possess any sort of scientific knowledge besides building a bong out of pretty much anything. Well, I must say I probably deserved to get laughed at because the movie was Almost Famous and ten years later, three years ago today, I married the smartest, most beautiful woman I have ever met. And holy shit am I ever a better man for it. Thanks, Love!  


Vintage Bricks: C.C.R. - Pagan Baby

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