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Song Of The Day: Meat Market - Too Tired

This rippin' piece of garage rock and roll mastery via Oakland's Meat Market has just helped me come up with enough motivation to get out of my computer chair and walk the seven or so block to Jose's so I can be fed delicious burritos. Odd considering the chorus is 'too tired to try". I guess I could try and convince wifey to just bring it home for me but ....meh. It never tastes as good. Pretty sure this track is being put out on 7" by Suicide Squeeze Records(great label name by the way)on Sept 3rd.  I guess I could try and verify that but....meh. It sounds just as good regardless. Thanks to FIDLAR for the heads up on this one. I guess I could try to call and thank them personally but....meh. Phone's over there. And probably dead. Too tired.  

[soundcloud url="http://soundcloud.com/suicide-squeeze-records/too-tired-by-meat-market"]


Meat Market Facebook here


meat market


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