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Song of the Day: Detroit Rebellion - the fire, devil and desire

Skateboarding videos will forever be a source of new music for me. That's not to say every song heard in a new skate video is or will be good but the possibility is always there. From making me realize there is more to Led Zeppelin than just Stairway to Heaven to finding out that a brother and sister who were married could make a bigger and better racket than every single stadium sized band at the time, skate vids have and will continue inspire my never ending search for all that is good in rock and roll. Today was no exception as Detroit Rebellion was brought to my attention through a video segment stumbled across earlier. I was so taken with this song that when the video was over I realized I hadn't even watched the actual skateboarding. Had to hit YouTube's replay button and repeat the process.

There doesn't seem to a whole out there about Detroit Rebellion but I'll give you what I got. They're not actually from Detroit but Providence, R.I.. They've released two EP's, both for free online via Bandcamp. There's only two band members, but it's more than enough. Jeff Toste started DR as a solo gig but when drummer Michael Lamantia Jr. jumped on board last year it really started to take shape. And finally, Toste uses an effects pedal that was thrown into the crowd by a relatively unknown musician at a show in 1991. The pedal landed at his feet so he kept it. Said musician killed himself April 5th, 1994 so he probably doesn't have to give it back.

Official video of the song I heard in the skate video below, along with links to more good tunes. You should definitely keep an ear out for these guys.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc-apxeULRo?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

Link to Bandcamp for good tunes right here

Link to Facebook here

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