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Song of the Day: Dirty Fences - White Lies

Loving the new album Too High To Kross by Brooklyn's Dirty Fences lately. Released on Volcom at the end of March, it's been a slow grower for me, just putting it on the headphones when I know I don't have far to go or I'm almost home but lately it's also been starting my daily wanderings and putting a smile on my face in the process. Classic throwback rock and roll 70's style, with a touch of Ramones, Stooges et al. But it also has an underlying Detroit garage sound in it I think, harkening back to the Gories/Dirtbombs heydey with some soulful melodies and killer bass grooves. A solid listen start to finish, I think the sum is better than its parts, so hit up ye ol' record store or the band themselves on Facebook or Bandcamp and get the goods to soundtrack your summer. And don't forget to let it grow! [bandcamp track=1151784607 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=0687f5 size=venti]

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