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Morning Hype! A Space Oddity and my friend Keir!

Commander Chris Hadfield has caught the attention of not only his fellow Canadians but the whole world as being the first astronaut using social media from the International Space Station, tweeting some jaw-dropping pictures from space and conversing with different people on several different public forums. It really is something to behold that we as a society have come this far in communications. Commander Hadfield comes back to Earth today and recorded a version of David Bowie's masterpiece A Space Oddity with a guitar he took into space with him, made a video and sent it back to us a precursor to his landing and it is a truly an inspiration. Now on a personal level, a lifelong friend of mine named Keir Hyde is now teaching Grade 3 students in our hometown of Whitehorse, Yukon at Grey Mountain Primary School, the learning establishment that I attended as a young child. Somehow Keir, being the excitable son of a bitch that he is, convinced that powers that be(NASA?) that his grade 3 class was worthy of conversing with Canada' favorite astronaut, and to allow some of the children ask questions to Commander Hadfield while he circles the Earth 370 kilometres above them. And you thought you're science project was cool!  A surreal experience for both the kids and Mr. Hyde alike, I've posted the heartwarming audio below that's worth the listen if not just for the first question alone. Hadfield is incredibly personable with the kids and there is not a doubt that he truly believes he is the luckiest man alive.

I wish a safe return to Commander Hadfield on his return to Earth today, another Canadian who helps makes me so proud to be where I'm from, and a huge congratulations to my homey Keir, who is now not only the coolest Grade 3 teacher on Earth but not on it as well. Cheers, my friend!


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upnf3y6KOB0&w=560&h=315]


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaOC9danxNo&w=560&h=315]



This is Keir in his spacesuit that wore on Communications Day

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