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Controversy!! Bowie Banned!

new bowieYouTube has banned David Bowie's new video for the song The Next Day, citing "terms of service violation". While there are definitely some crude religious images, it's certainly nothing worse than the news articles one can read regarding the Catholic Church on a now nearly daily basis. There's almost an uncovered boob or two as well, but any of today's pop starlets would laugh out loud if that was to be Youtube's reasoning, including Madonna, whos Like A Prayer video is the first suggestion to appear when typing her name and has over four million views. Interested to see a full press release, if there is one at all, from YouTube explaining the decision to censor the man who has long since been a magnet for controversy. The link is below, unfortunately I couldn't get it to embed into the post. Worth the click, maybe NSFW if you're in a rather conservative setting. Leave a comment and let me know what you think... http://vevo.ly/17IG4ok

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