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New Tunes: Obliterations

And now for a full 180 degree turn around on the Black Mountain side project spectrum, BM singer/guitarist/overlord Stephen McBean's new ultra aggressive Obliterations. Pure rock fury unleashed from the bowels of Los Angeles, featuring ex-vocalist for Bluebird Sam James Velde, Saviours bassist Austin Barber and a mysterious drummer by the name of Flo.  Claiming they all "like Black Sabbath and Black Flag",  Obliterations seemed poised to make some serious power moves in L.A's metal scene, with gigs already lined up at the city's Jubilee Festival in June and Power of the Riff festival in August. And for some reason, I want to see these guys open for OFF!  Not to start any rumors or anything, that would just be a killer night, that's all. There's a July release date kicking around but you can make due with these four thrashers taken from their Bandcamp page until then. And thank the metal gods while you're at it.  

[bandcamp album=2228618068 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

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