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New Album! FIDLAR

Kinda have to wonder what these guys' parents are thinking these days. Not that I was overly worried about what my Mother thought of my actions when I was 23, but I also wasn't recording my life and releasing it to the masses on LP or MP3 format for the world to digest. The self titled debut by skate punks FIDLAR leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to the good times. Cheap beer, weed, coke and PCP are just a few of their favorite topics, along with skateboarding, surfing and the general mayhem of being in a punk rock band. Hell, maybe their parents don't even know they're in a hot shit up and coming band, comfortably assuming their sons are sleeping the Southern California days away on the basement couch, waiting for Friday so they can maybe scrape a couple bucks together to go to the movies with little Susie. Yeah. They're not. I DRINK CHEAP BEER SO WHAT FUCK YOU is the chorus of the aptly named first song Cheap Beer and pretty much sets the tone for the whole album. Equal parts Black Lips, Jeff the Brotherhood and The Descendants, this album pulls away from all the other new SoCal punk bands because for some reason these guys can write the shit out of a good song. They can play their instruments too, as evidenced in rippers like White on White and Blackout Stout. Comedic value comes to play in Max Can't Surf, an entire track dedicated to the resident ginger's inabilities to catch a wave due to any number of reasons listed, mainly, that he's a ginger. Not all the tracks come with ferocity though, with Gimme Something sounding like a Stones outtake from '71, along with LDA taking from the New York Dolls best days, which breaks the album up nicely, giving us old farts a second to catch our forever dwindling breath.

In a nutshell, this is a punk rock album. A punk rock album you should be very excited about. It's fun, it's fast, it will make you long for the never-ending summer nights of your youth. This is definitely a band on the rise and a band worth living vicariously through, because everybody, regardless of age, should be having this much fun.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXTc3Choroo&w=560&h=315]


[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/58042937 w=400&h=300]


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