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Song of the Day - Goat!

Here's something a little different. Swedens' Goat released their first album (I think) this past year. A description of them reads  like this: Swedish-afro-psych-kraut-voodoo space heads. Take what you will from that.  The story goes that different members have playing under this moniker in a tiny Swedish town for decades, only now deciding to release  a collection of songs. Masked are donned onstage because "In northern Sweden-- it is hard to explain in English-- it is about not drawing attention to yourself. The important thing is what you do, not who does it," explains Johansson. "This is why we never have tried to make ourselves heard before now. The songs matter more than the sources." Whether or not this is a fabrication to strum up a cult like curiosity remains to be seen I guess, but the album is good after one listen, great after two and downright addicting halfway through the third. What is probably the closest thing to a single is posted below, but seek out the entire experience for yourself. First times always free....


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0_dka3p-b0&w=560&h=315]


References and full story here

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