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Song of the Day-Shuggie Otis

Son of  legendary R+B man Johnny Otis, Shuggie, which is apparently short for Sugar(sweet name!), seems to have kept a pretty low profile throughout his career, with little known about his personal life and his reclusiveness actually nullifying his record deal with Epic .  Although B.B. King once called him the best new guitarist going, he turned down an invitation to record with Quincy Jones and declined a 1974 offer to tour the world with some band called The Rolling Stones. No biggie. He released only three  albums, including 1971's Freedom Flight, from which I found the track posted below. A slow groove that brings some admirable guitar work, the entire album can only make one wonder what a different personality may have been able to deliver us. Oh well, take what you can get, I guess. Sweet Thang is the Song of the Day.  


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