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Post Thanksgiving Coma Hype!

Damn, America really throws down for this part of the holiday season. I was informed yesterday that Thanksgiving is actually bigger than Christmas because "everybody" celebrates it. What's actually being celebrated is a topic  argument for another day but I can say that I've had a wonderful 4-5 days with friends that are usually scattered across our fine continent and look forward to seeing more of them in the very near future. That, good people, is something we can all be thankful for. The Rolling Stones began their 50th Anniversary shows this past weekend. Sure makes The Supersuckers and the tired "greatest rock n roll band in the world" shtick seem pretty insignificant doesn't it? Only 25 years to go boys, but you already look like you're over it so I'll save my money the next time you're in town. Thanks though. Anyhoo, The Stones brought out some heavy hitters for the first night including Jeff Beck, Mary J. Blige and old friends/ bandmates Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman. Probably a pretty good time. Got me to thinking what my favorite Stones song is, but it didn't take long to conclude that there are just too many to make such decisions so I'll leave you with this instead: the song they used to walk on stage for their Golden Anniversary Show. The White Stripes. Pretty fucking cool.


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