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Morning Hype!

Think I've seen these guys more than any other band in my 18 years of gig-going. Of course, my previously close proximity to Seattle aided that cause, but The Supersuckers never disappoint, and I expect more of the same for tonights Thanksgiving eve party with local favs TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb opening. Thanksgiving is a whole different ballgame down here compared to Canada, and I could feel it in the air as soon as I left my apartment this morning. Add that to the arrival of great friends from up north this afternoon and we have the makings of an old fashion rock n roll shitkickin'. All hail The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in The World! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igR-ypkIKnU&feature=share&list=AL94UKMTqg-9AJf718ZqGuzRckB9w8Y5J_

Post Thanksgiving Coma Hype!