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New Album: Creature With The Atom Brain-The Birds Fly Low

Today's tasty new treat comes all the way from Antwerp, Belgium and have named themselves after a Roky Erickson song that was named after a 1955 movie. Sure, why not? Creature With The Atom Brain just recently released their third full length album called "The Birds Fly Low", the follow-up to the Chris Goss produced "Transylvania" that was released in 2010 and 2007's "I Am The Golden Gate Bridge", an album that features the dark legend himself, Mr. Mark Lanegan on two seperate tracks. With associates like these, it's not particularly difficult to see where CWTAB are coming from, pulling fuzzed out riffs and red-eyed grooves through your speakers and filling your room with a hotbox of reverberation.  QOTSA comparisons are inevitable, but these guys have a little something new to bring as well on their new album, apparently learning a trick or two from Goss's mastery of a studio. A solid listen front to back, it holds the mood right through, using horns and a bit of eastern flair to keep it interesting in spots where other like-minded bands would come off as sounding bored. Or high. Again. A refreshing take on a stoner rock genre that can easily become stale with more than one listen of an album, now its time to hope these guys bring it to the North American stage sooner rather than later. According to all their Youtube comments, they were brilliant opening for the likes of The Dead Weather and Mark Lanegan, but personally, I'd like to make that decision for myself.


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